The varied Micro Bubble Generator

anyone can use it



Agri culture


Fish farm


The advantage of the KTM Micro Bubble Generator

• For removing impurities from wellwater in preparation for various industries
• For pretreatment of kitchen waste water
• For excrement (of livestock) treatment after rough seperation by vibratory screen
• For recycling of high-grade paper fiber
• For food, crystal and chemical removal
• For removing sediments, sludge and algae for pond/lake purification
• For a micro bubbled bath
• For using the watersurface as an image for events
• For decorating a pool’s watersurface

Multiple Usage

The micro/nano bubble generator is using a simple method to solve micro bubbles in a liquid. This bubble generator uses the properties of the vortex pump turbine and effectively solves gas with a liquid or two liquids, and adding it under pressure into a process. A device that can be useful for efficient mixing and dissolving of the gaseous products in fluids. It is for this purpose equipped with a special impeller and can be used for continuous operation.

Suctioning Mixing Feeding